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      About us

      Shenzhen Hi Geely logo Ltd., Shenzhen Hi Geely plexiglass Products Co., Ltd. is a research and development design, production and manufacture, installation, maintenance and sales of large enterprises.

        Committed to star hotel, upscale clubs, airports, subways, commercial plaza, office buildings, residential real estate, leisure and entertainment oriented identification systems in areas such as research and development and plexiglass products design and manufacture.

        Our products are widely used in all walks of life, with a sound and efficient management system, fast and accurate development capabilities, and actively and steadily and efficient production mechanism, in the shortest possible time, to customers most satisfied with the products.

        "Innovative design and reasonable selection, fine production, perfect service" to win the trust of customers!

        Adhering to the "Founding integrity, dedicated service, quality of survival, relying on the credibility of development," business philosophy, in good faith to provide our clients with quality services.

        Adhere to the "quality-oriented, quality first" product line, providing our customers with a more satisfactory products.

        Advocating "hard-working, probity," the traditional virtues of thing every good intention, but also innovation, we strive for product artistry and practicality of the perfect unity!

      Logo production Consulting
      139 0243 6189
      Luo gen